AMS San Diego, American Messenger Service

Services Offered

Court Filings / Service of Process / Court Research / Immediate Deliveries / Skip Traces Subpoena Preparation / Record Reproduction / Deposition Officier / In-House Reps Daily Court Pick-ups / Mail Pick-up and delivery

All of our services are proformed by professional and knowledgeable employees. (We do not use independant contractors for your important assignments)

Court Filings - Handled by experienced messengers who will file all your important documents over the counter whenever local rules allow. All employees carry checks to advance any fees that are necessary to complete your assignment. You will receive a call when your filings are completed or a call from the court house should any problems arise. We have developed a nation-wide network to provide you with excellent service from coast to coast and beyond.

Service of Process - All of our servers are licensed and bonded per California Civil Code of Procedure guidelines. Extensively trained service of process experts will dilligently, yet courteously, serve even your most difficult subjects.

Court Research - From large projects to quickly obtaining a newly filed complaint all of our messengers are trained in the ways of research. Nationwide capability makes AMS your one stop shop of legal research. Including State Courts, Federal Courts, Secretary of State and County Assesors.

Immediate Deliveries - Our 1 hour service is guarenteed to get your important documents where they need to go in under 60 minutes. We also offer 2 hour and economy services to suit all of your needs. Our pricing is straight forward and considerably less expensive than our competitors. (Check our price comparison)

Skip Tracing - No Matter how little information you have we have the technology and know how to find your subject. Prices start at $15.00, call for more details or submit an on-line request.

Subpoena Preperation/Record Reproduction/Deposition Officer - Contact us to accomplish all of your on-site and off-site reprographic needs. We have State-of-the-Art software to prepare all of your documentation from scratch. Acting as Deposition Officiers we will serve the consumer and locations, calendar the deposition date and follow up for on-site copying of records. These records can then be delivered to you on paper or CD.

In-House Representation - AMS will put one of its trained and experienced employees in your law firm to provide you with one person who will responsible for all of your assignments, thereby freeing up more of your time. Our person will follow each order from inception through completion, statusing you throughout.

Daily court pick-ups - Up to twice daily pick ups at your firm covering all courts. Morning and afternoon pick ups offered to handle all of your routine filing needs.

Mail pick-up and delivery - Our knowledgeable couriers can pick up your mail in the mornings and deliver your mail at night. Express mail service available for your important patent filings. (Round stamped receipts will be returned the following morning.)